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This is me.

Hello, thank you for stopping by. 


So what can I do for you? Well, first, I want you to close your eyes and think of the last space you were in which made you feel happy, calm or energised... got it yet? Now think about the colours in the room, the positioning & style of the furniture or objects, the music playing, perhaps even the smell of the space. Nice right?! Well put simply, all of these elements were purposely placed in order to evoke that very feeling you felt. This is simply the art of styling and the essence of what I do. 

A little bit about myself: A Media / Public Relations & Interior Styling graduate with over ten years experience in PR & Event Management for fashion & beauty brands. More recently I took on the role of motherhood, birthing two gorgeous creatures which I consciously decided to raise without any career interruptions for almost five years.


During this break I was able to determine my next creative step and today I am happy to be able to share the art of styling with those looking to bring their dream space to life. Be it events, homes, offices or simply a private dinner- I'm about personalising individual spaces to suit each clients' needs & desires.

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